My Approach

 My approach to therapy is integrative and relational. By 'integrative' I mean that I draw on a range of psychological, psychotherapeutic, psychosocial theories and research to aid our shared undestanding of the issues you may bring to therapy. I believe that this approach is most effective in meeting the uniqueness of each client I see - one type of therapy does not fit everyone. I work collaboratively, combining many therapeutic perspectives with what you know and can tell me about yourself, your experiences and your history, to uncover the roots of your problems. By 'relational' I mean that I will pay close attention to the therapeutic relationship itself, encouraging you to share your honest experiences and feelings about the relationship as it develops. Often the relational patterns that emerge spontaneously within the therapy relationship can provide us with clues about what is still unspoken, or not yet in conscious awareness. 

I believe that the emotional quality of the therapeutic relationship matters most in bringing about a resolution or healing, rather than specific techniques. The relationship between myself and my clients is therefore central to my approach. I am also  interested in how your past experiences are affecting you in the present. Thus, my framework is also  informed by relational-psychoanalytic, humanistic and intersubjectivity  theories alongside relevant developmental and neuroscientific research.  I combine my theoretical understanding with a flexible and pragmatic  attitude that is deeply respectful of your needs and personal preferences. I therefore offer a range of modalities  which I can integrate into our work together;  from psychodynamic, person-centred, body-based, and creative techniques to cognitive behavioural methods (CBT), schema therapy and mindfulness practice.

 As a psychotherapist I am committed to anti-oppressive practice. This means that I value the uniqueness of each client whilst recognising the differences we bring,  as therapist and client, to the therapeutic encounter. I pay close attention to the balance of power in the therapy relationship, valuing my clients' expertise on their own experiences. I offer a safe, non-judgemental space within my practice for clients whose difficulties are impacted or exacerbated by experiences of being marginalised or discriminated against, within their wider environments or cultures. I welcome clients with a broad range of gender and sexual identities (LGBTQI), religious and cultural identities, providing a therapeutic space that is both sensitive and responsive to issues arising from identity conflict (within sexual, age, ability, professional, political, national, religious and cultural groupings). 


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Sabina Khan - Psychotherapy and Counselling

North & Central London